Lorenzo Bianchi

Collegati con Lorenzo Bianchi (Linkedin)
Collegati con Lorenzo Bianchi (Linkedin)
Collegati con Lorenzo Bianchi (Linkedin)
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Dal 1997 pubblica su “AC Agente commerciale”, periodico informativo della F.N.A.A.R.C. (Federazione Nazionale Agenti e Rappresentanti di Commercio di Roma).
– Lorenzo Bianchi-Marco Salvadori, “Il contratto di agenzia. La nuova disciplina nella giurisprudenza italiana ed europea e nella prassi”, Milano, Giuffrè, 2022
– “Il diritto di verifica delle provvigioni e gli strumenti per farlo valere”, pubblicato in Agenti & rappresentanti di commercio, n. 4/2005.
– “Ancora sul diritto di verifica delle provvigioni”, pubblicato in Agenti & rappresentanti di commercio, n. 2/2008.
– “Il contratto di agenzia e la legge sulla subfornitura (n. 192/98)”, pubblicato in Agenti & rappresentanti di commercio.
Relatore nel corso d’aggiornamento professionale riconosciuto dall’ordine degli Avvocati di Roma sul contratto di Agenzia

Since the beginning of his professional activity he has dedicated himself to the subject of commercial distribution, studying agency law on a daily basis.

For over twenty years he has been providing advice and assistance to the largest trade union in the category of agents and sales representatives, constantly enriching his experience and deepening his legal knowledge of the subject.

He also writes numerous legal articles published in specialized magazines and economic newspapers and is a speaker both in professional refresher courses recognized by the Bar Association of Rome and in conferences organized by the best economic realities of the production sector.

Former legal advisor of the Enasarco Foundation, he has collaborated since their establishment with Forum Agenti e Radioagenti.it, coordinating their legal service.

After completing his classical studies, he graduated from the University La Sapienza of Rome in 1993. He began his professional career at the studio of Prof. Giuseppe Bozzi and in 2001 he joined Studio Grillo. Since 2020 he is also a member of the legal area of the Merger Advisors network. Since 1996 he has been a member of the Rome Bar Association and is qualified to practice before the Court of Cassation and other Superior Courts.